High Time reviewed in Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

From the Dec 2011/Jan 2012 issue of Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine:

Low Society is a revved up blend of blues, rockabilly, country and punk rock complete with babes, tattoos and bad attitudes. This slice of New York City life features the bodacious Miss Mandy Lemons as their resident vocal slinger and Mr. Sturgis Nikides of the blazing fingers on all guitars, dobro and banjo. Filling out the Society are C.P. Roth, Rowdy Bodine, and Charlie Walker working a swing shift on bass and drums. These hipsters have taken southern country blues and super-charged it to a white-hot intensity.

The North Mississippi blues of "Given Up On Love" has a slashing slide drive and Mandy has an intense quiver to her voice. A sparkling slide dobro and tambourine inhabit the "Dead Mans Shoes" as Lemons runs through a host of deadly allegories.  Slipping in a few Janis Joplin styled ballads, "Three Time Loser" has a shimmering Leslie guitar while "Texas Goodnight" has a hauntingly moody slide; Lemons belts out some deep soulful wails on both. Going down home with a slide dobro Lemons gives a wild-eyed rant on "Crazy Love". "Black Pelican" has a grinding deep slide backing and snarling growl that cascades to an echoing finish. The Society concludes with Miss Mandy's raving and a ripping slide infused version of Lazy Lester's "Sugar Coated Love", bringing a whole new feel to that gentle tune.

The Low Society's "High Time" does exactly what their name and title implies injecting high intensity to this low down blues.
Roger & Margaret White 

Also of note, our 'Dead Mans Shoes' is on the Big City Rhythm & Blues CD Sampler. The song is in the running for "Coolest Blues Song in the World 2012" and you can cast your vote for us at http://www.bigcitybluesmag.com/Sampler-rating-11-2.html

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