From The Synch Chronicles February Edition Review

Here's an excerpt from The Synch Chronicles February Edition Review:

After a quick sound check, Mandy Lemons backed by the band Low Society (featuring the legendary Sturgis Nikides) made their debut and did not waste any time convincing the crowd that they were in the building and ready to ROCK! This is why we love their music—straight no chaser!! They performed original compositions and remakes of classics by Etta James and Led Zeppelin. Whew! We were completely blown away!!! Prior to this night, the Synch Ladies were introduced to Sturgis last year on the Shrine stage. We danced, sweated and were in awe of the fan dedication. At that moment, we knew that we had to bring this artist back to Harlem. This time, he brought to the stage Ms. Mandy Lemons, who is a sweetie pie, fierce songstress and has her own vintage style (yup—she had a badass purse that we had our eyes on all night…lol). She brought a powerful woman’s touch to this band taking them to another level. The impact of this band cannot be ignored! As we mingled throughout the crowd, welcoming new faces and giving love to our SR supporters we came across fans of the band—some trekking as far as DC—thanking us for giving them just one more opportunity to see their favorite band do what they do best. We couldn’t ask for anything better—an affirmation that what we do each month is an incredible thing not just for the artist in giving them an opportunity to showcase their music but also for the fans to see their favorite artist in Harlem world!



It's all over now, but for the roar of the crowd...
Saturday night at the Shrine was the debut performance of Low Society. I'd like to thank all of the bands friends and family for showing up and for giving us their unwavering support. The set had a few bumps and at least one headon collision but we all managed to finish in one piece and on the same note. I won't lie - I made a few major blunders, mainly due to opening night jitters. But in retrospect, I'm sure it wasn't as disastrous as I thought it was, at the moment.
 I would like to personally thank our daredevil rhythm section - Charly Roth and Mike Grayson - for making the show all it could be. I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to the wonderful ladies of Synchronized Rhythm, Caprice Starbright Todman and Chante Ramsey ( and Mom!). They were kind enough to book us, and they did a bang up job of promoting the show. Kudos to the staff at the Shrine for taking such good care of us, and all of our guests.
Stay tuned for future news and developments. We'll be back REAL soon.




The Synch Chronicles

Music & Spoken Word Series

Special Performance:

An evening of BLUES & SOUL featuring

Miss Mandy Lemons - Lead Vocals
 Sturgis Nikides - Lead & Slide Guitars, Vocals
Charly Roth - Bass & Mike Grayson - Drums & Percussion

Special Guest:

Jeremy James
Saturday, February 20, 2010; 6:00PM to 8:00PM

$5 admission


Last Night at The Shrine

Last nights show at The Shrine was a blast. Many thanks to Tara and her band for having us. Lani Ford opened the evening with a great set, including one of the all time great guitar solos....you had to be there. Mandy & I went on at about 8:30 and immediately kicked into Hiway 49...I was running on pure adrenaline. I brought out my Justin Sain axe (last minute decision) for all of the open tuned/slide material, and the sound was just out there. Elmore James would have approved! Mandy...well, what can I say? She was ON from the first note, and didn't let up till the last falsetto shriek of Levee...
 Here's the set list:
1. Hiway 49
2. It Hurts Me Too
3. When I'm Done
4. Three Time Loser
5. Sugar Coated Love
6. I'd Rather Go Blind
7. Waiting For My Man
8. When The Levee Breaks
**Footnote: my capo and my set list disappeared behind the stage left Fender Rhodes piano during the first song - when excessive vibration from my roaring guitar amp slid both items into oblivion. Mandy was NOT amused when I proceeded to play Sugar Coated Love in the wrong key due to the missing capo....



Some of you might be aware that we have been hidden away for the last few months preparing our band for its first public appearance. That moment is now at hand. I invite you to join us in Harlem at 7PM sharp, this Saturday, February 20,at SHRINE WORLD MUSIC. We are grateful to have the support of our good friends, Caprice Todmann and Chante Ramsey, aka SYNCHRONIZED RHYTHM, who invited us to make this appearance, as part of their ongoing series THE SYNCH CHRONICLES.

As a special added bonus, Mandy and I are making a RARE unplugged solo appearance TONITE, at 8PM sharp, at the SHRINE, as a warm up for Saturday. We are appearing in support of Mandy's friend Tara Elliott and her band the Red Velvets. Also on the bill, making a rare unplugged solo appearance is the great Lani Ford (@7PM).
While we would dearly love to have all of you make it to the gig tonite, our priority is Saturday night, with the band. If you can make it both nights, great! If not, we'll see you on Saturday, with bells on.


Introducing the band...

The band is really starting to shape up. Allow me to make an official introduction. On bass is Mr. C.P.(Charles) Roth, whose list of credentials is so long and impressive that professional jealousy prevents me from uttering another word. On drums, Mr. Michael Grayson, whose credits include MuthaWit, The Dan Whitley Band, and C.O.M.A.
We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have procured the services of these two exceptional musicians. I'm sure you'll agree....


Here We Go...

Mandy Lemons and Sturgis Nikides are (drumroll) Low Society. What IS Low Society? Well...first of all, it's the title of an instrumental recording by the legendary Blues guitarist Lowell Fulson. Which I liked SO much I decided to record it. One thing leads to another and I also decide it's an appropriate title for Mandy's CD (as does Mandy - she'd like you to know ). For the immediate future we will be known as Mandy Lemons & Low Society. This will identify the music and the band for all upcoming events and appearances.
Mandy's CD is ever so close to being ready for release. I'm just adding a few finishing touches and preparing to go into a better equipped room to mix. Thankfully, I'll be assisted by Bob 'Mixfix' Buontempo in this endeavor. He guided me through my first solo cd's tracking, mixing and mastering process, and his vast experience and golden ears are an indispensible asset.