From The Synch Chronicles February Edition Review

Here's an excerpt from The Synch Chronicles February Edition Review:

After a quick sound check, Mandy Lemons backed by the band Low Society (featuring the legendary Sturgis Nikides) made their debut and did not waste any time convincing the crowd that they were in the building and ready to ROCK! This is why we love their music—straight no chaser!! They performed original compositions and remakes of classics by Etta James and Led Zeppelin. Whew! We were completely blown away!!! Prior to this night, the Synch Ladies were introduced to Sturgis last year on the Shrine stage. We danced, sweated and were in awe of the fan dedication. At that moment, we knew that we had to bring this artist back to Harlem. This time, he brought to the stage Ms. Mandy Lemons, who is a sweetie pie, fierce songstress and has her own vintage style (yup—she had a badass purse that we had our eyes on all night…lol). She brought a powerful woman’s touch to this band taking them to another level. The impact of this band cannot be ignored! As we mingled throughout the crowd, welcoming new faces and giving love to our SR supporters we came across fans of the band—some trekking as far as DC—thanking us for giving them just one more opportunity to see their favorite band do what they do best. We couldn’t ask for anything better—an affirmation that what we do each month is an incredible thing not just for the artist in giving them an opportunity to showcase their music but also for the fans to see their favorite artist in Harlem world!

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