Some of you might be aware that we have been hidden away for the last few months preparing our band for its first public appearance. That moment is now at hand. I invite you to join us in Harlem at 7PM sharp, this Saturday, February 20,at SHRINE WORLD MUSIC. We are grateful to have the support of our good friends, Caprice Todmann and Chante Ramsey, aka SYNCHRONIZED RHYTHM, who invited us to make this appearance, as part of their ongoing series THE SYNCH CHRONICLES.

As a special added bonus, Mandy and I are making a RARE unplugged solo appearance TONITE, at 8PM sharp, at the SHRINE, as a warm up for Saturday. We are appearing in support of Mandy's friend Tara Elliott and her band the Red Velvets. Also on the bill, making a rare unplugged solo appearance is the great Lani Ford (@7PM).
While we would dearly love to have all of you make it to the gig tonite, our priority is Saturday night, with the band. If you can make it both nights, great! If not, we'll see you on Saturday, with bells on.

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