Here We Go...

Mandy Lemons and Sturgis Nikides are (drumroll) Low Society. What IS Low Society? Well...first of all, it's the title of an instrumental recording by the legendary Blues guitarist Lowell Fulson. Which I liked SO much I decided to record it. One thing leads to another and I also decide it's an appropriate title for Mandy's CD (as does Mandy - she'd like you to know ). For the immediate future we will be known as Mandy Lemons & Low Society. This will identify the music and the band for all upcoming events and appearances.
Mandy's CD is ever so close to being ready for release. I'm just adding a few finishing touches and preparing to go into a better equipped room to mix. Thankfully, I'll be assisted by Bob 'Mixfix' Buontempo in this endeavor. He guided me through my first solo cd's tracking, mixing and mastering process, and his vast experience and golden ears are an indispensible asset.

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